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Get The iStep Advantage
Sayville Running Company is proud to offer the iStep by Aetrex Worldwide. The iStep is a groundbreaking advance in digital foot scanning technology and is recommended for all people who want to feel great on their feet.

iStep is an easy-to-use, pressure analysis diagnostic tool which maps your arches, length, width, and pressure distribution of your feet.

Using 1,024 barometric sensors and patented Footwear Integration Technology the iStep will capture your digital foot scan, identify all pressure points and provide an accurate foot measurement. This state-of-the-art technology will aid us in selecting the ideal footwear for your specific running performance needs.

Each employee of Sayville Running Company is an experienced runner, who uses their own experience and education along with the Aextrex I-Step machine to measure your arches, foot pressure, length and width.

SRC Fitting Process
1. First we scan your foot on the Aetrex Machine to determine your foot pressure and type, arch height, and shoe size.

2. In step two we watch you walk to determine your degree of pronation, or supination (if any).

3. Next, considering the results of the first 2 steps plus your weight, running goals and injury history we will help you pick out a few pairs to try on.

4. After taking them outside and running in them, you pick the pair that you feel most comfortable with.