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A year-round fund-raising program for your team or organization
that benefits everyone!

Sayville Running proudly sponsors Fund-raising programs for teams and other organizations involved with sports throughout the United States. Every day, coaches just like you earn money for their team or organization simply by shopping for shoes, accessories, apparel, or gear at Sayville Running.

You, Your Team Members, Students and their families can sign up for a Free Membership in ClubSRC to get Discounts, Free Shipping, and our Best Price Guarantee when buying any of our great selection of shoes, apparel, or gear. Then, every time they shop, they'll automatically earn money for your team or school!

Here’s how our program works:

  • Make sure your team/organization is a Sayville Running Fundraising Partner. If your group is not already one of our Fundraising Partners, have your fundraising coordinator contact us and we'll get it set up right away.
  • The first time you shop at SayvilleRunning.com, enter your organization's unique Coupon Code (i.e. YOURTEAMNAME) during checkout. When you use this coupon code, your Free ClubSRC membership will be automatically added to your shopping cart. You'll instantly be enrolled for one (1) year in ClubSRC and begin enjoying the following benefits:
    2. Save at least 15% on most purchases.
    3. Earn Double Rewards Points on all Purchases
    4. Shop with Confidence knowing you’ll always get the Lowest Price on your purchases with our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE.
  • Shop all year long for running shoes, running apparel, running gear, and accessories at Sayville Running.com. There's no need to do anything special to enjoy your ClubSRC benefits - since you're a member of ClubSRC, your ClubSRC Discounts and Free Shipping will be applied automatically during checkout.
  • Every time you shop at Sayville Running, your team or organization automatically receives 5% of the amount of your purchase.
  • Share this great program with family members and friends...when THEY shop at Sayville Running, they'll they enjoy the same ClubSRC Membership benefits as you do, and their purchases will raise money for your organization!
  • If you have questions or prefer to place your order by phone, call 1.877.701.3033 and one of our Fund Raising Specialists will gladly help you!

  • Become a Fundraising Partner with Sayville Running (see Getting Started). Once your organization is set up, we'll provide you with details on how to promote the program to your organization and give you a demonstration of how easy it is for your members to help raise money simply by shopping!
  • Include our co-branded promotional materials (flyers, brochures, letters, etc.) with your regular communications to members and teammates.
    • We'll provide everything, just tell us how many printed flyers you need and we'll get them to you right away. We'll customize all flyers and inserts with your organization's name and logo and even include your information!
    • If you communicate with your group via e-mail, we'll provide you with downloadable versions (.pdf) of our flyers. If you prefer, we can e-mail directly to your list, but we respect your concern for privacy so there's no obligation to take advantage of this offer.
    • We'll also provide posters and other materials by request at no charge to your team or organization.
  • Be sure to mention our program throughout the year to get maximum benefit or your group's buying power. Remember, whenever they shop at Sayville Running for running shoes, running appearel, running gear, or accessories they'll save money, get free shipping and raise money for your organization!
  • Sit back and watch the money roll in. We'll send you monthly reports detailing purchases made as part of this program along with your Rebate Check.

There’s no need to organize a big fund-raising campaign because:
  • We handle everything from taking the order via web or phone to delivery - right to the customer’s doorstep. There’s no need for a volunteer to pick up and deliver.
  • Members deal directly with us. And we always go out of our way to satisfy them.
  • Members save money and help raise money for their team every time they shop!
  • We stay connected to your organizaition to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.
  • Your Coach or Fundraising Coordinator has 24/7, up-to-the minute access to Fundraising status including money earned just by logging onto our system and viewing your team's Fundraising Reports
  • All running shoes, apparel, gear, and accessories for sale at Sayville Running come with our ironclad 100% Satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Sayville Running Fundraising is NOT just another fundraiser you'll be adding to the already too-long list of fundraisers your team or organization already participates in. Our program doesn't add to the fundraiser burnout so many members of organizations suffer from. Sayville Running Fundraising is better than other fundraisers because it:
  • Requires no outlay of money from anyone (unlike SCRIP)
  • Doesn't cost members anything - they just buy shoes, apparel, gear, or accessories as usual, and even enjoy Free Shipping and other discounts.
  • Doesn't force members to buy unwanted or unnecessary things like cheesecakes, wrapping paper or candy.
  • Povides discounts and other savings on the things they normally buy.
  • Doesn't require registration or use of specific credit cards (unlike UPromise)
  • Works All Year Round. Whenever members buy gear from Sayville Running, they automatically earn money for their team or organization
  • Doubles your benefits. When making purchases at Sayville Running using a credit card that's registered with UPromise, Target or other card issuing bank offering a cash rewards program, parents and members earn cash back through UPromise, Target, etc. AND rebates for their school or other organization
  • All of the money earned for your team or organization comes from Sayville Running, NOT parents and members. Rebates come from the proceeds of sales so there's no need for anyone to "contribute" any money or time.

WHY FUNDRAISE WITH Sayville Running?
During this difficult time of shrinking support for school budgets, the money rebated to your organization can help pay for field trips, athletics, uniforms, gear and other items essential to running your team.

To get started enjoying the benefits of Sayville Running donations to your school, please:
  • Call us at 1.877.701.3033 for immediate assistance getting your school enrolled as a Sayville Running Fundraising Partner