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Division One Run Coaching
with SRC owner Brendan Barrett

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At Division One Coaching you are encouraged to set and acheive goals. We help by creating a plan for you based on your individual needs, resources and training history. You will test your fitness on a regular basis to gauge improvement and provide feedback integral to creating more accurate and personalized workouts. You can expect your workout schedule to be sent to you weekly via your Training Peaks account. Each week will be goal-oriented, but flexible if needed. Ultimately, the plan has to work for you and your schedule. Communication between coach and athlete is the key to success. We encourage you to change a workout if your schedule or health dictate rather than forcing a poor effort. Most communication can be accomplished via e-mail or telephone. The better feeback provided by the athlete the more effective the workouts will be.

You can expect the benefits of:

  • Injury prevention
  • Increased efficiency
  • Attention to short term AND long term goals
  • More effective and specific workouts
  • Better recovery
  • Training Peaks Online Coaching Software
  • Faster training and racing paces
  • Increased motivation
  • A more enjoyable experience

    Initial Evaluation will include ($50):
  • Evaluation of training history
  • Development of training and racing goals
  • Creation of season Training/Racing blueprint
  • Medical/Injury history questionnaire
  • Set-up Training Peaks Coaching Software account

    Coaching is structured to the individual athlete. Training plans can be provided on a weekly basis via e-mail and include the following: ($125) per month

  • Unlimited communication initiated by the athlete via e-mail and/or phone
  • Detailed description of the workouts
  • Purpose of the workout (speed, strength, recovery, ect)
  • Heart rate and/or training zones
  • Workout distance and paces
  • Athlete specific planning
  • Schedule adjustments when needed
  • Taper plan
  • Race day nutritional/strategy planning
  • D1 Multisport account with Training Peaks

    Sign up TODAY and ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS with D1 Coaching!

    e-mail Brendan with questions or to sign up.

    For more info about D1 Coaching and to view our Triathlon and Multisport Coaching Services see D1Multisport.com